Cross-river partnership on marketing research

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Chamber of Commerce and Industry France-Moldavie and Chamber of Commerce and Industry from Tiraspol

Budget: 48,594 EUR

Duration: August 2016 – October 2017

Beneficiaries: Direct -23 representatives of Chamber of Commerce and Industry from Tiraspol and CCI Moldavian-French CCI, 7 employees of Magenta Consulting, 50 members of both Chambers of Commerce. Indirect beneficiaries – 80 exporters from the right bank, 50 exporters from the left bank.

Results: The platform members are working together to provide joint marketing research services to customers from both banks, ensuring the confidence building through continuous collaboration for new projects. Both organizations have improved their skills and developed portfolio of services. The established cooperation between the two CCIs will ensure further sustainability due to the continuous demand of joint marketing research services on both banks.

  • 10 training sessions organized;
  • Two pilot studies on consumer preferences and on advertising carried out;
  • In order to automate data analysis in the pilot study and in the future work, the IBM SPSS Statistics Standard software product was purchased.
  • At the time of the project completion 4 contracts has been signed to provide marketing research services to analyse customer satisfaction, competitors, consumers and market share.