Cooperation Platform of fruit growers on both sides of the Nistru river

Sector: Business

Implemented by: Association Moldova Fruct (right bank), in partnership with Dnestrovschii Fruct (left bank)

Budget: 51,680 EUR

Duration: June 2016 – October 2017

Beneficiaries: direct – 175 members of both associations and other 458 fruit producers from both banks. Indirect beneficiaries – business communities, small and medium-sized agricultural businesses from both banks of the Nistru river

Results: The established cooperation between members of the platform and the natural need for interaction between the fruit growers from both banks will ensure further durability of project results.

 • Organized joint trainings (10) and workshops (4) on: integrated protection / management of pesticides, cherry trees pruning, needed treatments against diseases and pests, the safety of food products as well as business development, attended by 78 farmers (13 women);    

•Joint study visits were organized to Stefan-Voda and Anenii Noi, to learn about the intensive technology production of cherries and the value chain of plums;

•78 fruit producers have attended organized study visits to Poland, Germany and Holland. As a result of all this training activities, 53 fruit producers apply in practice the knowledge obtained and 7 fruit producers have invested over 1.5 M(millions) EUR in the development of their business;

•78 Joint participation with common stands at fairs in Belarus and Romania. As a result, fruit producers exported more than 5,230 tons of fresh fruit, of which 60 t of apples in Slovakia;

•Newsletters were published (Livadarul and Moldova – un gust deosebit), with 175 members direct and more than 1,000 indirect beneficiaries;

•Members of business associations from both banks have participated at the conference of Fruit Producers, organized on the right bank, to learn about the latest trends and technology innovations for fruit production and processing as well as to promote fruits to EU markets;

•Club of yang fruit producers established