Community participation against Tuberculosis in Bender and Tiraspol

Sector: Social

Implemented by: AFI Association in partnership with Regional Programme of TB Control and Prevention, Transnistrian region; AkTiV NGO, Chisinau; National Programme of TB Control and Prevention, Chisinau

Duration: May 2014 – February 2015  

Budget: 33,645 €

Short description: 300 TB infected patients (90 women and 210 men) were consulted and prescribed with treatment, also being interviewed to assess the potential risk of treatment abandonment. Visits to patients’ homes were paid, and discussions with the patients and their families were held to establish case management plans;

  • 2 TB community support groups were established in Bender and Tiraspol comprising representatives from the local administration, doctors, social workers, police, priest, and teachers. 6 sessions of the two working groups from both banks was organized to replicate the working model from the right bank into the Transnistrian region;
  • 40 monitoring visits were provided by the TB community support groups to health centres from Anenii Noi and Bender and assessed the level of TB medical treatment provision to infected people. These groups have been enabled and act on their own without the involvement of partnering NGOs: solutions for TB infected people were identified and social, moral, psychological and legal counselling has been provided;
  • 15 individual action plans were elaborated and applied for 15 patients in difficult situation with the assistance of the community support groups who monitored their implementation;
  • A local NGO was registered in Anenii Noi – AFI Noi as a social initiative group to fight against tuberculosis. Both AFI Noi from Anenii Noi and the Bender based partner Aktiv were supported to further fight against TB involving local community leaders. As a sustainability measure a grant was awarded by Soros Foundation to partner NGOs to continue the social support of TB infected patients on both banks.