Civil Society Dialogues

Sector: Social

Implemented by: UNDP with the support of local and international consultants and companies

Duration: April 2013 – May 2014

Budget: 220,000 €

Short description: The Dialogue Task Force initiative established a platform for 110 civil society experts and professionals from both banks with the support of four local consultants in the social and economic areas, two from each bank and one International consultant;

  • Four working meetings have been organized, gathering 83 civil society representatives from both banks: on economy/trade and on social issues/humanitarian aid;
  • Four 5-day research visits including preparatory meetings in Chisinau for each group and de-briefing meetings after the visits organized for 64 CSO representatives and experts (34 women and 30 men) from both banks of the river. The participants in the visits studied the experience of successful EU-funded development projects implemented in Lithuania, Estonia and Cyprus in the area of business development, social issues and local development;
  • In Cyprus, the participants learned new ways of approaching divided communities from the North and South of Cyprus through implementation of confidence building projects in the local development area through joint planning of activities and proper acknowledgment of donors’ support. Representatives of business associations from both banks of the river learned new possibilities for Chambers of Commerce and Industry to promote the culture of entrepreneurship, joint ventures establishment, business relations and trade between economic agents living in divided communities;
  • As a result of the four joint study visits, 47 ideas for joint projects between both banks of the Nistru River have been generated, at least 20 new cross-river partnerships established and many existing partnerships reinforced, as well as 7 recommendations for further work in support of confidence building measures submitted;


  • As a result of the joint events organized, new acquaintances were made, new partnerships established which already resulted in the submission of joint project applications. In particular, following joint applications by NGOs from both banks who got connected thanks to this Project’s activities were submitted to UNDP and 4 CBM projects got EU funding as a result of EU-UNDP grant competitions: CNPAC and Perspectiva, Demos and Serdtse, Filocalia and Nadezhda i budusceye and Centre for Legal Assistance of People with Disabilities in partnership with OSORT;
  • The platform elaborated 18 concepts for joint development projects in 2 key areas: economy/trade and social issues/humanitarian aid for future development projects with CBM impact;
  • Social issues/humanitarian aid: social entrepreneurship, shelter for women, communities’ development, social centre, children protection and deinstitutionalization, elderly support, youth centre, vocational school.
  • Economy/trade: centre for modern business, economic growth promotion, auditing and accounting development, tourism development, intellectual property protection, energy efficiency, agribusiness, infrastructure development, entrepreneurship support. The blueprints have been presented to the EUD, some of the thematic areas are considered for implementation in CBM IV.