Chess Unites

Sector: Social

Implemented by: The National Chess Academy from Moldova in partnership with Tiraspol Federation of Chess and Checkers, Sports School of Tiraspol, Bender Chess Club, Bender Federation of Chess and Checkers, Dubasari Chess Club, Sports School of Rybnita, Rybnita Federation of Chess and Checkers.

Duration: April 2013 – April 2014

Budget: 14,779 €

Short description:

  • 20 teachers (5 women and 16 men) from both banks have been certified and use the same chess teaching approach acquired during a joint training, recognized by educational authorities on both banks. These certifications make them eligible for a salary top-up, an incentive that ensures the sustainability of the program;
  • Educational opportunities for youth to study chess have been improved. A standardized chess manual and curriculum were elaborated and approved by the Moldova Ministry of Education and is applied in 20 endowed class rooms with necessary equipment. Chess classes are being taught to 600 young people from 14 communities from both banks;
  • Friendship and communication has been established between teachers and youth from both sides of the Nistru. 40 children from both banks participated in joint chess festivals, tournaments, and simultaneous games in Chisinau and Rybnita under the guidance of their teachers and chess masters.