Capacity Building Activities as part of Civil Society Dialogues

Sector: Social

Implemented by: UNDP with the support of local consultants and companies

Duration: December 2013-February 2015

Budget: 67,408 €

Short description: The project team worked intensely to improve the quality of project proposals and built the capacity of CSOs and LPAs to strengthen cross-river partnerships, organizing two pre-bidding conferences, reach-out activities and capacity-building trainings;

  • 26 capacity development trainings have been organized for more than 400 men and women, representatives of CSOs & Local Communities, beneficiaries of SCBM sub-projects to support the implementation of cross-river initiatives, organizational and partnership development, communication of achieved results, results-based management, volunteer management, community mobilization, and fundraising;
  • Civil Society organizations from both banks of the river have strengthened their functional capacities to implement joint development initiatives on both banks of the Nistru river. This served as a positive sustainability prospective and the NGOs are equipped with the knowledge, and skills for future joint projects implementation accessing donors and private funds through innovative fundraising technics;
  • CSOs and representatives of local communities have strengthened their capacities to better communicate about their results using social media, TV, Radio, print, on-line tools and how to raise the media outlets interest in sharing in press the EU support for confidence building and lives empowerment.  Also, the training participants have a better understanding on how to present the projects impact through human stories;
  • Representatives from 56 local communities on both banks have been supported to identify common problems and solutions to them. They have already designed community empowerment project proposals following to be presented to donors, including within the upcoming CBM IV grants competitions;


  • Community leaders from both banks of the river have increased capacity and skills to mobilize their community members in problems identification and solving, to participate in strategic planning, projects fundraising, evaluation and monitoring, women participation in local development that will significantly improve the quality of projects in beneficiary communities;
  • The capacity building trainings have been provided using interactive methods like learning from each other and learning by doing which served as an excellent opportunity to network, exchange best practices and develop new concepts and ideas for future projects of interest to communities on both banks of Nistru River.  These trainings also served as a platform for communication and establishment of partnerships between the participants from both banks of the Nistru river;
  • A Civil Society Conference-Bridges of Confidence across Nistru was organized in September 2014. 90 representatives of CSOs from both banks of the river (60 women and 30 men) have jointly presented their results and lessons learnt achieved during 2012-2014 within the 43 CBM civil society projects implemented within 4 round of grants in 7 main areas: arts and culture, media, children, disabled, youth, healthcare, research, democratic values, human rights, psycho-social support, women empowerment, environment, education, local development, sports. The conference also served as an additional opportunity for networking, synergies and partnerships for future joint CBM initiatives.