Building the Capacity to Create Highly-Efficient Service System at the Tourism InfoCenter

Sector: Social

Implemented by: ARDT (left bank) in partnership with NGO „ANTRIM” 

Budget: 19.887 USD

Duration: December 2016 -November 2018

Beneficiaries: direct – 1897 participants from both banks – employees of tourist Information centres, tour operators and travel agencies, guides.  Indirect beneficiaries – 3000 persons, representatives of the tourism industry.    

Results: During the implementation of the project were organized:

  • a seminar on “Tourist Attractions of Transnistria” organized in Tiraspol for 17 participants/8 women;
  • training “Promotion of travel services through the Internet.” for 21 participants/16 women -employees of two tourist Information Centers of Tiraspol and Chisinau, tour operators and travel agencies, guides from the two banks of the Nistru, representatives of the tourism industry;
  • Infotour Tiraspol – Bender for 17 representatives of the tourism industr/15 women from both banks;
  • Infotour Dubasari, Cocieri, Goyans, Doibany for 17 representatives of the tourism industr/14 women from both banks;
  • info tour for 24 tour operators in China and Ukraine /15 women;
  • tourist action for the Day of Tiraspol on the central square with a photo contest “Photohunting for tourist Transnistria” with 24 participants/15 women and more than 70 visitors.
  • based on the experience of colleagues from the right bank, as well as the foreign countries were introduced the soft program – information resource available not only to TIC visitors, but also to anyone interested in history, culture and tourist potential of Transnistrian region. The beneficiaries of this resource will be not only tourists, but also local residents, foreigners, tour operators, travel agencies;
  • Media briefing with 21 participants/14 women. During the briefing, not only the project results, but also statistical data on the number and geography of tourists were presented; the analysis of the number of tourists who stayed in Tiraspol for a day or more was carried out and presented. So, it was found that in comparison with the previous tourist season, 11% more tourists stayed in Tiraspol more than at night; a new information resource on tourist Transnistria was developed;