Dorotcaia village museum, r.Dubasari

– The building was erected in the 1940s. A museum was opened inside in 1985. The museum’s exhibitions present the most relevant objects made of bronze and silver, from the territory of the locality, and around it. Some of these exhibits are true masterpieces from classical antiquity, as well as from the medieval era. Among the collections is a treasure found on the territory of Dorotcaia village in 1965, during some agricultural works. These are 290 Greek silver coins issued in the years 340 – 360 BC.

– It is necessary to change the metal tile on the roof, partially replace the housing, the base, the pipes and the drainage system must be restored. In general, the building has been very well preserved and has no major defects. After a technical expertise of the roof, it will be decided if a technical project is needed. The administration said it would like to buy shelves for museum exhibits.