Digitalization of cartoons produced by Moldova-Film studio

– “Moldova Film” film fund is considered national heritage. For 68 years, the company has accumulated more than 1500 films, of which 109 animation films. The pioneer of Moldovan animation can be considered the cinema painter Anton Mater, who made two animated films with dolls based on the stories of Ion Creangă “The bag with two money” and “The goat with three kids”. The tandem Constantin Balan and Spiridon Vangheli created an entire series about little Guguta, which can be considered the most successful cartoon.

– The films from the “Moldova-Film” archive are printed on 35 mm cinematographic film. Their storage and preservation require a huge space specially arranged, with a strict storage regime – temperature and humidity. Films are harmful and over time become even more dangerous to health. To preserve and conserve these films, they urgently need to be restored and digitized, so that they comply with European and world standards and can be shown in cinemas and on television.