The Ruins of the church of Rascov village, Camenca

– It is not known exactly when the church was built – some estimates indicate 15th-16th centuries, others show later periods. In any case, the planning of the building suggests that it was not originally an Orthodox shrine. The construction had a rectangular shape from the beginning and only later annexes were built to give it the shape of a cross. According to a legend, the daughter of Prince Vasile Lupu, Ruxandra, was married in this church.

– The building is damaged. The walls have several cracks over their entire height and are therefore unstable. Between the masonry blocks, the mortar is largely missing. Also, the roof, ceiling, plaster, flooring, and carpentry are missing. Only a portion of the vault remained in one room. The most urgent works are aimed at stabilizing and preserving the walls of the church.